Exploring SignatureSense Features

Find out more about some of the features that help your business make the most our of the SignatureSense platform.

Drag and drop your signature placeholders

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Specifying the location of the signatures in your document can be done using our Drag and Drop feature.

Find out more here.

Add Signature Placeholders into your document templates

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Instead of manually inserting Signature placeholders into your documents you can update your document templates to include a special text that tells our system where to automatically request a signature.

Find out more about signature placeholder tags here.

Managing users and groups

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Create user accounts and set permissions to control which documents the user can view (their own; their group or the whole organisation).

Find out more about users and groups here.

Labelling Your Documents

Organise your documents using SignatureSense labels. Simplify grouping, searching and retrieving your documents.

Find out more about labelling here.